701 Nagatacho Hoso Bldg.,
2-2-21 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Japan
Tel 81-3-5797-7723
Fax 81-3-5797-7724


Tameike-sanno station (Ginza Line and Namboku line)
Kokkai-gijidomae station(Chiyoda Line)
Exit No.8.

1 Stairs

Our office is located approximately 20m (30 seconds) from exit No.8 of Tameike-sanno or Kokkai-gijidomae Station to our building.
At the No.8 exit, please turn left and find a black sign with the following 7 Chinese characters in white “永田町法曹ビル”

Enter the white building and take the elevator to the 7th floor.

2 Lift/Elevator

Alternatively, if you wish to take an elevator from Tameike-Sanno station instead of the escalator and stairs, please take the elevator in front of Starbucks Coffee situated right outside of the ticket gate of Tameike-Sanno Station, Akasaka Direction.

After you reach the ground level taking the elevator, please walk to the right about 20 seconds to the big intersection. Then please turn left at the intersection and enter the entrance of the first building, next to “Curry House CoCo”.

It should not take you more than a minute from the station elevator.

By car

There is a coin-operated parking lot behind our building. Please take the one way road from Roppongi-Dori.

701 Nagatacho Hoso Bldg.,
TEL 81-3-5797-7723 FAX 81-3-5797-7724