Yuto Suzuki

Born in 1991

Educational Background

March 2014 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Business administration
March 2017 Graduated from Ritsumeikan University Law School
January 2019 Joined Nakayama & Partners (Associate)

Bar Association

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association
· Inter-Pacific Bar Association, "IPBA"

Major Field of Practice

General Corporate Legal Matters Drafting and reviewing of contracts, consulting new service and business, antimonopoly law, premiums
Others Criminal case, general family matters (divorce, inheritance)

Favorite Quotes

When you win, keep being modest. When you lose, keep being proud of you.


Movie watching
Playing and watching sports, especially futsal, swimming and muscle training
Collecting local shot glasses


I support you to solve your problems as I solve mine.
One of the best solutions is to start solving problems as prompt as possible.
When you have some trouble, don’ t hesitate to let us know.

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